Booking policy

  1. Reservation: To confirm your booking, a minimum token advance of 20% of the total booking amount is required. This advance payment is non-refundable.
  2. Payment Method: The remaining balance must be settled during check-in by cash or UPI. Credit or debit cards will not be accepted for payment.
  3. Weather-dependent Activities: Activities and campfires are subject to weather conditions and may be canceled or rescheduled accordingly.
  4. Additional Charges: Starters will be charged separately on orders placed during your stay.
  5. Property Damage: Guests are liable for any damage caused to the property and will be fined accordingly.
  6. Outside Food Policy: No outside food is allowed on the premises.
  7. Noise and Kitchen Hours: Loud music and access to the kitchen are strictly prohibited until 1 am to ensure a peaceful environment for all guests.
  8. Buffet Policy: Buffet food is available during specified meal times. Guests are not permitted to carry food from the restaurant.
  9. COVID-19 Protocol: Guests are required to bring their own towels in adherence to COVID-19 protocols.
  10. Prohibited Items: The possession of drugs, weed, and other illicit items is strictly prohibited on the property. In such cases, the nearest police station will be notified immediately.
  11. Swimming Pool Rules: The swimming pool is open from 9 am to 6 pm. Cotton clothes are not allowed in the pool area. Guests are advised to bring swimsuits or nylon/poly-star clothes as costumes are not available at the resort.

By making a reservation with Lake Pool Resort, guests agree to abide by these booking policies. Failure to comply may result in cancellation of the reservation without refund.




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